Amazon gives Prime to everyone in Manchester-by-the-Sea

Good news for Amazon Prime Members!!!!

The online giant is offering a year of free membership to every home in Manchester-by-the-sea. The move underscores the advantage Amazon has by controlling virtually the entire pipeline for its movies. If it wants to boost viewership for a movie, it can offer freebies and discounts whenever it wants instead of negotiating with a third-party service. And of course, it has the luxury of using one of the world’s largest online stores as a billboard. Rivals like Netflix and Hulu could try similar promos, but they still wouldn’t have separate stores to use for marketing.

Also, this serves as a not-so-subtle reminder to studios that their titles may play second fiddle to Amazon’s on Prime Video. They won’t necessarily mind too much given that it’s a subscription service — this is usually the last stop for movies after they’ve exhausted downloads and physical sales, so any viewers they get tend to be icing on the cake. However, it might give pause to smaller outfits sincerely hoping for exposure and revenue through a Prime Video deal.


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