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Google Maps can remember where you parked on Android and iOS.

If you are among those who always forget where did they park the car, than this news is for them.

Google is coming up with a new feature. Google Map’s latest navigational update make things easier after you’ve arrived. App on Android and iOS will now remember where you parked the car once you reach your destination — and it’s literally a no-brainer to use on iOS.

You might be thinking how it will work? Here I tell you. If you are an Android user, than you need to simply tap the blue dot once they’ve parked and then hit “Save your parking” to drop a pin handily labeled “You parked here.” Tapping the pin label brings up another card where you can set a reminder to pay the parking meter, snap a picture of your parking space, share your car’s location or just jot down some parking notes.

Users on iOS will have a similar experience, but they won’t actually have to remember to drop a pin first. If your phone is connected to the car via Bluetooth or USB, Google Maps takes advantage of a feature built for Apple Maps to automatically tag your car’s location once your phone disconnects from the vehicle. The search giant baked a similar feature into older versions of its Google Now app on Android, but it worked using some GPS trickery and algorithmic guessing, so the new method is a more elegant (and much more accurate) solution. Of course, iOS users can also tap the “Parking location” label on the map to bring up or share their parking info and the card also includes Street View images of the nearby area, but you’ll have to set parking meter timers yourself.

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