Thomas Jefferson’s Law School Books Going Online

Thomas Jefferson’s collection of law books for the University of Virginia is going online.

The law school is digitizing the books it’s collected in a search that started more than 40 years ago.

Jefferson personally selected the 375 law books for the university’s original 1828 library.

the project team carefully places the books under a dual-camera system that captures high-quality images of the pages. They’ll go into a *free* virtual library along with essays that help people today interpret the legal texts.

“It’s of interest to people to learn about how our legal culture developed,” said Jim Ambuske, a Digital Humanities post-doctoral fellow.

This is in a moment 50 years after independence when Americans were still trying to figure out what defines an American.

“It’ll be a great opportunity to really expand our knowledge of early American law and how Americans interacted with the law,” said >>>Melissa Gismondi, Project Co-Director.

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